Ecommerce and Auto dealers

Many of the ecommerce sites are now a days trying to test the waters of entering into the automobile sector by trying to engage customers on a small scale via selling automobiles spares, tyres, bike and car covers, halogen head lights, and other accessories online.

ecommerce autodealers

The advantage of selling on ecommerce sites are

  • Vast internet savvy customer base
  • Efficient purchasing of items
  • One stop shop for everything
  • Promoting deals and promotions constantly to engage the end customers

Automobile Ecommerce Car dealers

This is affecting storefront businesses on a large scale as online sites are heavy funded and can offer items below the cost price too to get the customers onboard. People visiting dealerships for genuine parts or tyre shops are comparing the cost of online and dealer’s prices. This is not making any sense as the dealers need to maintain inventory, which requires huge operational cost and unable to give deep discounts when compared to the online sites.

The intension of these online stores is to disrupt the traditional way automobile dealers or vehicle accessory shop owners operate. Online dealers are also going to venture out in selling new vehicles from their portal thereby creating another dent in the auto dealerships operations.

The only way a dealer can fight back to stay competitive is by implementing a solution that keeps its customers informed and connected i.e., providing discounts & deals at various intervals. This will help customers to take wise decision and have a better brand recall for your dealership.

The above feature can be acquired by subscribing to the Autodealrz mobile app, which has all the functionality of operations that a dealer requires i.e., Sales (New & Used Vehicles), Service, Parts, & News (Promotions & Deals).

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