Challenges of locating a dealership

Many times, customers find it difficulty in locating the nearest dealership. A recent study conveys that most of the businesses just mention the location address and expect the customers to find the place on their own. There are few other companies, which integrate maps such as Google maps, apple maps, mapmyindia, etc., to their websites showing directions to reach them.
Now, the million dollar question is – How many people visit web pages while on the way? The answer is obviously not many.
However, Autodealrz mobile app is a one-stop solution for this problem. The app is integrated with location finding facility, which navigates customers directly to your showroom with just a tap. The user has to open the app and view the exact direction when they lost your way.

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Escalation matrix in a dealership

Many times, customers cannot directly contact or meet the dealership owner due to the lack of information on website or dealership staff not wanting customers to jump the line.

It is very annoying that some issue which can be addressed are just neglected by the junior staff and many car owners start complaining about the bad service of the dealership and finally the Brand also get affected.

Also sometimes, customers may be waiting for some approvals to come in a case of insurance claims or warranty update but are unable to get thru the right person who can understand the issue as well as resolve the same at the earliest.

The above scenarios can be addressed using the Autodealrz Mobile App which has several functionalities inbuilt and one of them is escalation and hierarchy management. So, no customers will be dissatisfied with the service and he will want to do business with the same dealership

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