Challenges in selecting the right app for your Car Dealership business

Ever since the boom of smartphone users, numerous car dealership apps are available in the app store promising to make your car dealership business better. But the bitter truth is, most of these apps don’t meet the expectations & requirements of the dealer. Ultimately, when making a decision on purchasing an app for your business, the key motive must be focused on Growth. You have to ask yourself how this app is going to get more customers, help in PR, maximize your revenue, reach, and delight the customers.

Let’s see some of the challenges faced by car dealership owners while making the app purchase decision for their business.

Business Services:

The primary and most important factor in choosing the right app is to ensure that all business services provided by the dealership are encompassed in the app. Choosing a readymade app may restrict the user’s access to only a few business services.  Most dealerships provide automotive sales, automotive services, and spare parts sales. But only a few apps in the market cover all the three aspects of the dealership. This will result in limiting the potential and the dealers will have to look for other channels to increase turnover.


It is essential to make sure that you are reaching to a large number of target customers through your business app. What if the smartphone device used by a potential customer doesn’t support your app? Statistics shows that 80.7% of Global smartphone users are using Android OS, 15.4% are iOS users and 2.8% use Windows Operating System. Thus, it seems clearly reasonable to choose an app which runs on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems targeting 98.9% of the smartphone using population.

Scheduling Appointments:

A brilliant app is the one which understands the necessities/needs of users and caters it. Most apps don’t allow the users to schedule an appointment with the dealership. Be it for test drives, road assistance, service requirement & other administrative or consulting appointments. An app which allows the user to schedule appointments is likely to achieve a higher acceptance rate than the ones which don’t.


Most dealership apps are restricted to a single language & currency. Even though the users are globally targeted, the app developers must understand the fact that users from different regions of the world would find it convenient to use the app in their local preferences and settings.  Well at least in their currency, who would want to see the prices of cars listed in a currency you don’t follow.

Tight Integration:

May not be integrated within the app i.e. may have different consoles to monitor different functionality; ex: diff screen for Sales and diff screen for Service.

Notifications & Alerts:

Most dealerships apps are so old fashioned that they only allow the users to search inventory or book for appointments. These apps won’t help the dealer in communicating any offers or promotions to the customer. While choosing the dealership app, the dealer must be careful to check that any news or updates regarding the dealers are reaching the app users on time. Features like Alerts and SMS/Email/Push notifications are becoming a high priority requirement in all commercial apps.

One solution for all your Dealership business problems:

It’s always a best practice to have a unique application developed strictly based on your dealership’s business requirements but the process can be expensive and time-consuming. And you must make sure that you are choosing the right application development company which is a decision that requires serious thinking. Also, internally you need someone to draft all your specific requirements and ensure it is being communicated properly.

So, if you want to be free from all these hassles, you need an app that could cater your business needs in the most suitable way, customizable, loaded with amazing set of features, developed by experts with ample amount of experience in the dealership services and accepted by top players in the market.

I recommend you guys the Autodealrz mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. Autodealrz app is one of its kind application which will allow you to overcome all the challenges listed here with loads of additional features like inventory search, schedule service & other appointments, view promos and offers, alerts & notifications, social media and news, auto parts inquiry and so on. This fully customizable dealership app with admin panel lets you grow your business by constantly pushing useful content to your customers.


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