Dealership App v/s OEM App

An OEM may have several dealerships in a city. Also, many OEM has their own app and thereby push their dealerships to use the same as well as push its customers to download the app.

Due to this, many dealerships having multi brands are in a soup on which of the OEM he should promote and which not. Also, by promoting the OEM mobile app, the dealership is underlying or not branding his image in the auto market, thereby other dealers are losing their brand image in the local market where they have limited reach.

Also, dealership can’t display their own promotions or deals, or convey to their customers about the opening of a new branch as they need to get approval from the OEM App administrator to do this activity. The biggest risk is that there is a big chance that the loyal customer may switch side and select another vendor for fulfilling his requirement i.e. buying a car or servicing. If the dealership had its own customized mobile app, it could have a presence on all its customer mobile and can convey about new deals/promotion or news whenever they need without losing valuable time.

Moreover, all your customers would be happy to use an app which is directly relevant to them rather than downloading an OEM Mobile App then finding a particular dealer.

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