How to Sell Used Cars with No Investment?

Used car business is 2-3 times larger than the New Vehicle business in many countries around the world. The latest reports also state that this will increase more in the coming years.

To tap this opportunity, the dealership should either open up many Used Vehicles Showrooms or have a solution to display used vehicles thereby earning handsome commission on Used Car sales.

The first option of Opening New Used Car Solution is the easiest way out but the investments are huge and many dealerships won’t be in favour of doing this.

The latest trend is to display used vehicles of individual on to the dealership website or app and charge commission on sales. By doing so, dealerships can earn money in sales commission as well as up-sell extended warranty or extended service packages. Thereby increase profitability in the long run.

Autodealrz app allows you to display Used & New Cars to your customers, right to their mobile with all the details such as brand & model, body type, year, price, etc. Download the app today and sell your used cars from Autodealrz Mobile App.


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